Monitoring COVID vaccine availability

Govt. of India has made provision for every above the age of 18 to be vaccinated. Before you get the jab, first, you have to book a slot through the Co-WIN website.

But due to the short supply of vaccines (I guess), only a few slots are available, and that too for the next couple of days. So as soon as vaccines are available, it gets booked. Naturally, one can’t keep checking the status. So I decided to automate the whole process.

The automation runs on my Raspberry Pi and notifies over Telegram and Slack. This is how the Slack notification looks like.

Slack notification.

The complete code is available on

Please be ethical with the API usage. Don’t be aggressive with the API usage.

The code that I have fetches data for 5 districts in Kerala and 3 in Karnataka. The districts in Kerala are the ones within a driving radius of 3hrs. The ones in Karnataka are for my colleagues who are in Bangalore. Notification of centers in Kerala comes to me over Telegram, and those of Karnataka go over to Slack.

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